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Why now?

For generations, Black women have not been equally included in important health research resulting in a lack of information specific to Black women’s health. Including Black women in research is a crucial step toward improving cancer outcomes and eliminating disparities. By joining together, we can gain valuable insights into the diverse experiences and health challenges faced by Black women and learn how to deliver culturally competent and effective interventions, treatments, and preventive measures. Black women have made significant advancements in the areas of education, economics, business, and politics. NOW is the time to see similar advancements in health. By engaging in the VOICES of Black Women, we can help transform the health of Black women.

While progress has been made, there is still work to be done

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Since 2010, death rates from cancer have declined by 2% per year in Black women.

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Black women are 8% less likely to be diagnosed with cancer than White women, but 12% more likely to die if diagnosed.

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Cigarette smoking is lower among Black women (13%) compared to White women (16%).

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Lung cancer remains the second leading cancer diagnosed and second leading cause of cancer death in Black women.

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66% of Black women age 45 and older report being up to date on their breast cancer screening, a rate similar to that in White women.

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Black women under age 50 are twice as likely to die of breast cancer than White women.

ACS is Helping Close the Gap

The American Cancer Society believes that we will not reach our mission if we are not inclusive of every community touched by cancer, actively working towards ending cancer disparities. Beyond research, ACS works to improve health equity through:

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Lifestyle & Cancer Screening Info

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Support During and After Cancer Treatment

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